Saturday, March 26, 2011


This post is for all of the moms out there who have piles of baby/kids items you would just love to sell. OR...for those of you looking to pick up a few items at a great price!

Have you heard of  Well, let me tell you, I wish they were around when my kids were little!  although I did see a pair of really SWEET shoes up for sale!

I learned about Storkbrokers through BzzAgent, here's a little more about them:

They are a fairly new site, but you can list items for sale, you get your own little shop, it's really very nicely laid out....your first 3 sales are commission free!  StorkBrokers also has a wonderful forum, not a lot there yet, but there is a great post on how to improve your sales.  I think that when this site takes off it will be like an Ebay for kids!  Love it!

Head on over to StorkBrokers, it's easy to sign up, then start listing your items, it's Spring Cleaning time, you may as well make some $$!  When you make a sale the funds are put into your paypal account, it's as easy as that!


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  1. Thanks LuLu for the awesome review!

    I look forward to seeing ALL you moms on StorkBrokers! We have an Awesome community of Moms and Great kid/baby items at super saver prices!

    We have thousands of moms waiting to buy your gently used/new kid & baby items.

    Hope to connect with you soon :-)

    Happy Selling & Shopping!

    Wife, Mom of 2, & Co-founder of Storkbrokers


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