Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Redbox: Lucky to Have Friends Like You Promotion

March is the month for everyone to be Irish! The luck of the Irish is being shared with Redbox, in their Lucky to Have Friends Like You promotion: Each fan receives a unique web address. Every time someone rents from your address through March 17, you get a free movie credit. Rental credits are valid for ten (10) days after they’ve been deposited into your account. Spread the word, and lucky you could be rolling in free movies this March.

Now, if you’re like my family, you LOVE the price of Redbox movies and get tickled pink when you find a discount code for a FREE redbox movie, sure it’s only a dollar, but a penny saved, a penny earned, right? If a Redbox code makes you feel lucky, there simply must be many other things that make you feel downright lucky, well, there are quite a few things that make me feel just plain lucky:

I feel lucky because I have a wonderful family. My parents were always there for me while growing up, they weren’t afraid to discipline me, which I think made me a much better person. Right alongside the discipline was a whole lot of love and fun. I am lucky because not only do I have great parents but a wonderful brother and sister as well as an extended family that is very close.

My luck began as a child but grew with me when I met my husband, I am lucky every single day simply because he is by my side. I am lucky because I have two absolutely wonderful teens and while we get on each other’s nerves from time to time we always come back together and move past whatever got us grumpy in the first place!

I am lucky because my family actually enjoys sitting down for meals together, playing a board game and watching a movie, most of all I am lucky because I have God in my life and with him by my side all things are possible and the impossible somehow always seems to turn out ok.

What makes you feel lucky? There is so much more in my life that makes me feel lucky, I would love to hear some of your ‘lucky’….is it a new ball of yarn, a special book, a favorite pet? Luck can be simple or it can go much deeper than the surface, my goodness, I even feel lucky to make it home safely after driving down the highway in my car! I would love to hear your ‘lucky’ comments, c’mon, share the luck of the Irish!

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and redbox blogging program, for a $25 Walmart gift card from redbox. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”


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