Monday, March 28, 2011

What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Easter is right around the corner, do you celebrate BIG? Have family traditions, or just go with the flow? Easter, like so many holidays has become commercialized to the hilt, I saw the Easter decorations go up in stores as soon as the Valentine’s came down, it’s difficult to keep up or even enjoy the holiday of the moment!  For now, you can simply enjoy the upcoming holiday with the new movie, HOP.

I wouldn’t put Easter at the top of my list for favorites, I do enjoy the religious aspect of it, but as far as great traditions, I try….but spring while it’s nice to think of warmer weather, just doesn’t happen that quickly in MN. I remember being a little girl, going to the store to pick out my Easter dress and then having to wear it under a winter coat!

I love to dye Easter eggs, I don’t like to eat them, but it’s just plain fun to see what we can come up with each year, even though my kids are teenagers, we still have fun with this! Easter is all about subtlety for me, just a few colored eggs, a fluffy little chick and some knit eggs lay around my house…if I’m lucky I have a few daffodils or tulips in my garden to decorate the table!

Easter dinner just calls out ham and cheesecake, whether we’re with our families or alone for Easter we just must have our ham dinner! What do you eat for Easter dinner? My in-laws always hide little chocolate eggs around the house for us to nibble on when we’re there…my mom always colors eggs with the grandkids and I’m not sure what kind of traditions I’ll have when I have grandkids, but I do know it’ll include ham and cheesecake!  I also love Easter candy, but you know how the saying goes, "they don't make it like they used to"  I used to love the chocolate eggs filled with the different flavored creams, but my standby favorite is the good ole Cadbury egg!

On the funny side of Easter:
One year I went crazy and made jello in the shape of a rabbit, and a rabbit shaped cake….have you done anything crazy? Or had any great mishaps?

I do have to question the rabbits and eggs, why is it a rabbit that delivers the eggs? I just don’t get that part, shouldn’t the chicken be doing it? Where does the rabbit come into the equation? I suppose it could be that the chicken would feel bad if it were giving away all of its eggs, but generally speaking, they should be used to it!! Oh, and what about the squirrels that steal the plastic eggs hidden in the trees and bushes? I’ll bet they get pretty excited about finding such a spectacular treat for their bounty!

All in all Easter is a time to be thankful, it’s one of those days where churches are full, people are happy and stores make a killing, and it's a wonderful excuse to be with family. When Easter comes close we just know that spring is bound to happen, especially this year with such a late Easter how can spring NOT be around the corner?

I would love to hear about your traditions…a special meal, a movie, hiding baskets, what do you do?

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