Friday, March 18, 2011

Lazy Day Friday

Happy Friday, today I am feeling most lazy...I seem to have lost my get-up and go. I did get up and go grocery shopping, that was no fun to be sure, but seriously, I'm just plain brain dead today, can't even bring myself to pick up my needles and yarn. Maybe it's the sun, I feel like being a cat today and just lazy about in the rays coming through my living room window!

Since I'm so lazy today, I'm going to post a picture or two of our recent trip to California, had some great photo opportunities while we were there! Today I'll share a sunset photo...some of the sunsets we saw were amazing. I'm sure we have amazing sunsets in MN as well, but I live in the woods so the trees keep the sunset out.

Sunset near Joshua Tree in Yucca Valley


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