Friday, March 4, 2011

50 FB Follower Giveaway

Here's the scoop, I'm working on building my Face Book page so I can offer you bigger better and more giveaways! For each 50 mark I hit I am going to give something away to my FB followers, which I'm assuming will be you!

So, for the first 50 mark I am going to giveaway 2 of my supremely special hand knit cloths, one will be a dish cloth, the other a spa cloth, so go on over to my little facebook finger button and 'like' my new Knits and Reads page!

If you leave a comment letting me know you did this I will 'like' you right back! As soon as I hit 50 FB followers I will choose a winner, then we'll go on to the next 50!

I will notify my winner via FB, you can message me back with your address!

Disclaimer....these photos are not necessarily the cloth you will win, but a random sampling, if you simply adore one of these let me know and I'll make one up for you if I have the yarn available! Or I can at least make the pattern for you!  Otherwise, when I reach 50 I will take a photo of all cloths I have available and you can choose from the loot!



  1. I'm a new follower. I found you through mom bloggers club. Please come visit my site at

  2. I like you on FB! I'd love it if you'd like my page: No biggie if you don't. Love reading your posts!

  3. Lulu, I am happy to be your 10th FB follower. Goold luck. Laura May Young (on FB)

  4. Waco Knitters 'liked' you on FB.

  5. i liked your page :) I'm "Haley Mathiot" and my page is "The life (and lies) of an inanimate flying object."

  6. I'm an old liker, do I count? As Nikki O! I'm lurking around some corner so come find me please.


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