Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: Passport Through Darkness

Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances

From the back cover:
"Kimberly Smith was an average American churchgoer, wife, and mother-until she dared to ask God His dreams for her life.  Traveling around the world and deep into the darkness of her own heart, Kimberly's worst fears collided with her faith as she and her family discovered the atrocities of human trafficking.  But it was in that broken place that a self-centered life was transformed into an international effort to save thousands from modern-day slavery, persecution, disease, and genocide.

Through painful trials, serious errors, and gut-wrenching fear, Kimberly reminds us of what God will do when one person puts her life on the line for His purpose.  Along the way, she inspires you to discover your own story-to live your purpose and feel God's pleasure.  Here you will find courage to live the life God dreamed of when He first dreamed of you."
This is an awe inspiring, thought-provoking book.  If Kimberly's story doesn't pull at your heart, nothing will.
Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life?  Kimberly did, and when she asked God that very question, she soon had an answer and found herself traveling to places she never imagined and finding herself in situations most of us would run from.

As you read this story you will learn that it's ok to put away your fear, to step beyond your comfort zone and reach out to help others not quite so fortunate as we are.  Fear can push us beyond our limits and at times our fear can be quite useful.  As I read this book I couldn't imagine myself in most of the situations Kimberly found herself in, but then I imagine that Kimberly never imagined she'd be in them either!

Not only have Kimberly and her husband earned my deepest respect, but their children as well.  These are people with heart, with courage and a gigantic love for people as well as God.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from the B and B Media Group,  I was not compensated in any other way for my honest thoughts.

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