Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Bling: Tutorial

A few of my faithful followers requested a tutorial on the 4H project I posted over the weekend.....I took it a step further on Sunday and decorated Easter eggs using the same technique, AWESOME!

Here's the deal though, if you use this tutorial I would LOVE to see photos, so pass them along!!!

Gather your supplies:
1.  Glass paint, found at your local craft store or Wal Mart
2.  Enamel paints, I found mine at Michael's they are sold by the model cars, the brand is Testors
3.  Glass jar or vase
4.  Disposable paintbrush
5,  Bucket of water deep enough to submerge your vase
6.  Paper Towels
7.  Toothpicks, I tried plastic forks, you do NOT want to use them, the paint adheres to the plastic!
8.  Rubber Gloves, not needed but suggested!

Step 1:  Paint your jar or vase with glass paint, if you're doing this with kids it works great if you buy a vase with a large mouth so the kids can put their entire hand in the vase and tip it upside down to paint!

Step 2:  Let your vase dry, then apply a second coat, do this gently so the first coat doesn't come off.  It should look like the photo below.

Step 3:  Here's where it starts getting really fun and messy!  Shake up your paints real well, then put some paint in your water.  Tip the paint very slightly, it comes out fast and you don't need much!  The gold tends to sink, but don't worry, somehow it shows up on your vase!

Step 4:  Take your toothpick and swirl it through the paint droplets, just a few swirls will do, for little kids, I tell them to draw the letter M, or N through the paint!

Step 5:  This is where it's good to use gloves, I'll show you what happens when you don't!  Anyway, put your fingers in the vase and 'swoop' it through the paint.  The trick is to get the entire vase colored the first time, once it's wet and redipped it doesn't work as well.  So if you put the vase into the paint and give your wrist a twist, flick, or swirl it'll work great!

Step 6:  Once you've dipped, swirled and swooped remove your vase, this is how ours turned out, the paint dries very quickly, place it on a covered surface for the drying time.

Crafter beware:  This is what happens when you don't bother to wear gloves, we dipped the vase for these photos and 9 eggs and this is what happened to my daughter's hands...this was Sunday, today and 3 showers later she still is a bit blue around the finger nails, and not real thrilled with me!!!  Finger nail polish helps to some extent.  Also, if you get it on your counter or sink, steel wool does the trick, as for your bucket, well, you can see from the photo above how the sides will look!

....And here are my Easter Eggs, a little early to make them, but we couldn't help ourselves!!!
My paper mache Easter nest didn't turn out as cool as I expected, but it'll do until I come up with a new idea!

Have fun....and please let me know if something doesn't make sense and I'll help you out!



  1. Thank you! That looks really cool! I think I can make it preschooler friendly! : ) They can paint the vases, choose the paint colors, swirl and dip with assistance. Should be fun!

  2. Stacy, I knew you'd do this one! Let me know how it turns out! Do you have the kids make mothers/fathers day gifts? This would be a good one! I always had the most difficult time coming up with gift ideas in my daycare!

  3. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  4. These turn out so neat! What a fun project! I love the red and blue one, one of my favorite color combination's! Stacy and Alicia, you should send a link with pictures of your eggs/vases! Would love to see!

  5. I'm trying this tomorrow - I hope it goes well. We always do gifts for Mothers/Fathers' Day. Mother's day is much easier than Father's day. :(

  6. Thank you for sharing this I recently picked up some vintage vases that were made using this technique and I remember making these when I was a kid but forgot all the steps! Excellent tutorial. I am going to post a link for this on my blog.
    thank you again and have a great day!


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