Saturday, March 26, 2011

4H Class

My daughter made this one as a sample

Today our county had what we call Project Workshop Day for our 4H'ers.  I usually teach a cake decorating class but this year decided to do something new and exciting, but probably just as messy! I taught about how water and oil don't mix, and why and tied it all in with the oil was pretty fun, had a lot more kids in my classes than planned on so I had to do a bit of scrambling....thank goodness I purchased extra's. For the project part we did a paint technique, we painted the white coats in between the experiments so it could dry a bit, then we did the dipping last. I thought the vases turned out awesome, my hands were far too messy to take photos during the class but I did catch a few of the vases before the kids took them home!

This one is my sample using A LOT of paints

Some vases from my class

More class vases

Aren't they awesome, you use a technique where you paint the base layer white, then after it has dried you pour paints in water and swirl your vase through it.  Two girls used the exact same colors, did it at the same time and ended up with 2 vases that were entirely different!  It's all in the swirl!!!

Now I'm thinking.....EASTER EGGS?  Wouldn't they look neat?!



  1. That looks amazing! Fun project. I'd like a tutorial please! Maybe I could make something like this with my kids for Mother's Day gifts?

  2. We've done paper and Easter eggs like that, but I've never considered doing a layer of paint over vases and tying tit that way. What kind of paint did you use? Oh, I agree with Stacy, please do a tutorial!

  3. O.K. tutorial coming up! I'll do it this week!!


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