Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is in the air

Is it Spring where you live?  Our snow is melting, the driveway is muddy, our front yard is mud soup, but I'm still holding my breath, it IS March after all and it's supposed to snow this week, but at least we can call it 'spring'!

The cats are rambunctious, the dog is frisky and the horses are kicking up their heels.....

I'm dreaming about planting my garden, watching the flowers bloom and enjoying the summer sun, it's time for old man winter to be gone!



  1. It's spring here, way down south! We haven't had snow here for weeks and saw robins 2 weeks ago. My grape hyacinths are coming up. And rain here all day and it's forecasted for most of the week. It's spring for sure! Hope it comes quick for you.

  2. Stacy, are you serious? WOW...I'm jealous, and generally I'm NEVER jealous of WI!!! We do live in the woods which makes the snow melt slower, but then again, when we got home from CA two weeks ago the snow was almost to the top of the deck rails, now there's only about 1 ft left in the pile! I have seen a lot of Robins, but definitely no green!!!


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