Friday, July 9, 2010

New Friend Friday and Friday Follow

New Friend Fridays

Time to join in the fun thanks to The Girl Creative and The Trendy Creative TreeHouse, hop on over to visit them and join the party!
Happy Friday!  What are you doing today?  Me....errands.  Here's the scoop, county fair is just 1 1/2 weeks away.  Dear daughter does not have her dress finished for fashion review, in which the judging happens to be THIS Tuesday!  AArgh, nor does she have her purchased outfit complete, so off to the mall we go!

Monday....archery, and riding lessons review judging, dog obedience, and horse barn clean-up and riding lessons obedience and agility again
Saturday.....??? and 4H club party

Now.....that's just the week leading up to the fair!  And I'm sure my list is missing a lot.

Well, have fun reading my blog, enter my skin free contest which ends today, great products by the way and be sure to leave a comment which will help alleviate my stress in getting ready to live at the fair with the horse for a week!!!


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