Saturday, July 31, 2010

County Fair Photos

Constructed Clothing, Fashion Revue, isn't her dress gorgeous?

Purchased Clothing, my daughter and her Fashionable Friends
Riding English


My daughter prefers English, but does western as well, and she hopes to learn jumping, but first we need to buy a good jumping horse!  She's wearing the jacket I sewed for the occasion which I just happened to finish at 12:30 am the day of the fair!

The dress was a HIT....everyone loved it so the hard work paid off.  Don't think I'm ignoring my son, but he really doesn't do much at the fair, he waits until State Shoot for archery...stay tuned, that's in September!

Also, wish my daughter luck with her dress at State Fair competition.....I'm not proud or anything (smile, smile)



  1. You're daughter's a doll. Love the dress and way to go on the jacket!

  2. Oh, I knew that dress was a winner when you posted pics a while back! It's gorgeous. You definitely can be very proud of your beautiful and accomplished daughter!


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