Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fashion Review

County Fair is next week and my kids are busy getting their projects ready. My daughter is in Fashion Review where she makes an outfit and models it and does an interview with the judge, she also wears a purchased outfit for judging. The judging for fashion review is a week before County Fair so crunch time is early for us! At 3:00 yesterday she finished her dress, we left home at 4:30 for the judging...actually she got done earlier this year than other years! It's not uncommon for the girls in competition to be hemming their items in the car on the way!

Anyway, inspired by Audrey Hepburn, my daughter chose a beautiful dress to sew. She searched on Ebay for a vintage belt and finding shoes to match was a challenge! The dress is fully lined and turned out gorgeous! We won't know how she did until NEXT Friday at the County Fair Fashion Show, but she's hoping to win a State Fair trip, wish us luck! Doesn't she look beautiful?

Not the best photo, but you can only do so much at the fair with the sun in your eyes!


  1. Your daughter is so talented! What a great dress, I can't wait to hear how she did.

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful dress! Tell Reyna she did a good job!


  3. The dress is stunning--love the royal blue paired with the yellow belt/shoes. Very stylish! And your daughter is lovely!

    I remember many 4-H Dress Reviews as a kid. I was always so nervous, but it was a great experience.


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