Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Are you afraid of any creatures? I am terrified of snakes, they creep me out and pretty much send me over the edge whenever I see one. We have vacationed for an extended time in Texas, Florida and California, did I see snakes? Nope. But just today here in good old Minnesota on my way across the yard to see the horses I saw a HUGE snake...well not really, but to me any snake is huge. Then minutes later, another snake...I think the 80+ degree weather is creating a snake party.

Anyone know what this is???? Ewww, ewww eww.

Then the horses went nuts after a bath.....

It's a wild kind of day around here, now I'm off to cut some rhubarb for rhubarb crisp, if you don't hear from me again it's because a snake gave me a heart attack!!!


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  1. well the truth is even the picture of snake im so horrified. visiting thru tbe


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