Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: Holy Guacamole

Holy Guacamole

Holy Guacamole is a book unlike any I have read before.  Author's Dan and Denise Harmer live in southern California's "Avocado Capital of the World", run a cabinet shop, raise 4 children, run a ranch and still have time to write!

You won't be disappointed...but if you're not a 'foodie' this book could turn you off since it highly revolves around food.  Chef Bonnie Miller runs a culinary boot camp, Trace Domingo an ex-sports writer chef wanna be gets accepted into the boot camp and is immediately thrown into utter chaos.

From an employee shooting his computer to an underground tunnel with Zorro's loot to a near rape and murder in Mexico this book will surely keep you on your toes with suspense and laughter.  The zany language in this book is definitely 'foodie' related, the cuss words are those such as 'jalapeno' and are quite 'spicy'! 

This is a fun read, not your normal romance, not your normal mystery, just a whole lot of fun...don't let the 'foodie' part scare you away!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Glass Road Publications.


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