Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Review: You Did What in The Ditch?

You Did What in the Ditch?: Folklore of the American Quilter

From the Back Cover:
Arguably, the American quilt is the quintessential example of folk art.  Andy beyond argument, quilting is crucial to the study of the history of American women.  Like all folk art, quilting established a defined culture with tangible traditions.  You Did What in the Ditch?  relays the folklore of this culture.

Dr. John Oldani examines the vocabulary, saying, folk beliefs, superstitions, folk poetry, historical significance, and even the graffiti of the American quilter.  Find out what quilters do "in the ditch, " what they do with "betweens, " and where they hide their "pigs."

This is quite the book!  You'll learn all about the language familiar to those in the quilting world!  I love how the book takes you through the history of quilting and there are some quite funny parts here as well found in the quilters graffiti section!  This book is a very fun read and a great coffee table book!!  I quilt, nothing fancy, and have very little quilting knowledge, I learned a lot of fun facts and think this would be a fun gift for the quilter in your life!

**I received a complimentary copy of this book for review.


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  1. lol to someone who doesn't know that "in the ditch" is a quilting term, this would sound pretty dirty.....


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