Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation Gift Idea from Plastic Jungle

Are you swamped with Graduation Parties? Along with the parties come the gifts....have you heard of Plastic Jungle?  It's a one stop shop for all of your gift needs, and we all know that money is what grads really want, this way you can personalize it a bit by choosing a gift card!

I spent some time looking over the Plastic Jungle website, it is easy to navigate, you can search all gift cards or type in a store you are interested in.  What's really neat is that they'll even buy gift cards from you, so if you have unused cards sitting around for places you'll never go to, visit the Plastic Jungle!  No fees, no expiration dates, it's awesome!!!

When you purchase a gift card you can get 35% off at Plastic Jungle.There are hundreds of gift cards from one of his/her favorite retailers like Gap, iTunes, Apple, Fandango, Target, AMC Theatres, Aeropostale Gift Cards, Barnes and Noble Gift Cards , Best Buy Gift Cards, H and M Gift Cards, with all of the choices there is sure to be a gift card the grad in your life would love to have.

What's even better is that can get free shipping on your gift card(s) as well:

Summer gets a little crazy and if you're like me you realize just days before the event that you still don't have a gift, so if you are running out of time you can always get an eCODE for fast electronic delivery:

Head on over and check out Plastic Jungle, make your summer shopping easier, and save the idea for upcoming birthdays and Christmas!

*I wrote this post for Plastic Jungle and was compensated with a gift card.



  1. That's a great deal! Thanks for sharing! I will go check it out!

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