Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip

You can find beauty in every situation

Are you going on a road trip over the holidays? A short one over Thanksgiving or a long one over the Christmas Holidays? Whatever the length of your trip make sure to have fun and create memories that will last a life-time, good memories!

I have been on so many road trips that it is quite difficult to choose my favorite. One that stands out is a trip my husband and I took to Pennsylvania. We purchased a vehicle on Ebay, so we flew out to Philadelphia, stayed in a nice hotel downtown and upon waking in the morning we were off to pick up our vehicle. Or were we? The place didn't exist. We panicked a bit, then decided to call the cops, they weren't sure what to say, after some digging we found that this was a frequent occurrence with this particular person. We then settled in, found a rental car and toured the area, an unexpected turn of events that we made fun! We had one adventure after another from eating the most delicious pizza in a corner shop to visiting the Liberty Bell and tasting an authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich straight from a street vendor!

To this day I hope to return, albeit on my own conditions and a little better prepared, there is so much rich History in Pennsylvania that you could spent quite a long time there and still not see it all!

The drive home through the mountains and Amish country was beautiful and I will never forget the scenery or some of the crazy road signs we encountered! Oh, and did I mention the drivers in Philly? Glad to say we survived and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it once we got over being scammed. We did come out ahead in the long run and now we laugh about our crazy adventure!

My learned wisdom from this adventure is to always be prepared, pack extras, be willing to relax and go with the flow, and always bring your camera! This adventure could have turned out horrible, but we were able to see the funny side of it all and take in the beauty and rich history around us because we rolled along with the punches! It may be difficult to find joy when you're sitting in the ditch or left in a dingy hotel, but if you're prepared you can still have fun, which is what a road trip is all about! Don't forget to pack fun things for the kids, they're bound to become bored and tired of sitting for hours on end!

What is your favorite road trip memory?

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