Monday, November 29, 2010

Book Review: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball, a Novella by Donita K. Paul is a joyful story full of mysterious happenings, a few troubled souls and a search for God.

Cora Crowder lives in a sleepy city, far from her family, but she likes it that way even though she is a bit alone.  Trying her hardest to find Christmas spirit she shops for her family and for a perfect office gift which leads her right into a bit of strangeness.  After an unexpected encounter Cora finds a ticket to a Christmas Ball, but where is it?  Very few people have heard of it and it all seems rather odd, and the adventure is just beginning!  Simon Derrick is a single guy, living with his grandparents, mom and sister, to most he seems a very quiet soul, not given to much fun, yet finds himself in a bit of a romance!

While reading this book I was immediately reminded of the Harry Potter books, a bookshop called Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's on a street called sage that isn't always there and Wizards galore.  This book is full of mysterious people as well as a cat who never leaves home, yet has kittens!  Add to the mix a couple of lonely people, a few eccentric family members and you have a book that will keep you quickly turning the pages!

I definitely enjoyed this book, a lighthearted approach to finding God and what Christmas really is. 

**Thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah I received a complimentary copy of this book for review.

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