Friday, February 19, 2010

Vintage Shopping!

For my daughter's birthday I thought it would be fun to go to the 'uptown' area and do some shopping with my sister-in-law! So yesterday we hit the road. We didn't buy much, we went to some vintage clothing stores, but nothing with much more than clothing. I found a great dress but the arm pitts....whew. But isn't my daughter's hat CUTE?

We went to a glorious French Restaurant and no...we didn't eat the entire roll in the photo! And the flower...well, lets just say I thought it was pretty neat, so I bought it, but it is so very LARGE! I'm sure I'll find the perfect use for it!
So, 2 hats, one very large flower, a cute plaid skirt, a funky scarf and a cinnamon roll....all in all we had a successful day just because it was FUN!


  1. Thank you for following.....I'm following now too. :)

  2. Cute hat!! There are lots of funky shops in uptown. And I love French Meadow! I used to go there for breakfast back when I was an uptown girl. Thanks for finding me!


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