Monday, February 22, 2010

Eat Your Peas

Do you remember your mom telling you to "eat your peas"? I know I've done the same with my kids, only I told them they were tiny little balls, which made them more fun to eat! How many times do we sound like our mom? How many times do we wish we would have spoken our love but don't?

Last week I was given the opportunity to read and review a wonderful little book called, Eat Your Peas for Daughters, by Cheryl and Mom Karpen. Cheryl has the cutest little storefront in Anoka, MN..if you're in the area stop in and visit her!

Anyway, I just love this little book, it is full of inspirational thoughts and as it says on the cover, "A little wisdom. And a lasting promise" How many times do you have something you'd love to tell your daughter but don't because of the little bird sitting on your shoulder telling your she'll just roll her eyes? It's all in this book full of positive affirmations that you can give her as a gift...a book full of love and promise.

I also received some fun little cards with sayings from the books, just perfect to put into a card, actually, she sells cards too! Or you could slip the cards onto a loved ones' pillow, lunchbox, the ideas are endless!

Cheryl sells a whole line of Eat Your Peas books for daugthers, mom's, in-laws, etc. She also has quite a few other wonderful products just calling out to be gifted! You can visit her website at: tell her I sent you!!!

I have not been compensated in for my review, I just love these products!
Thanks, Cheryl...I'll be in to see you soon!

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