Friday, February 12, 2010

Placemat Gift Bag Tutorial

Make a gift bag in under 10 minutes for under $3.00!
(this is my first tutorial so let me know if something doesn't make sense!)

This is a hand made gift bag made from a placemat. Total cost after adding straps and embillishment: $2.50 many time I will buy a cute napkin ring to use as an embellishment, there are many cute ones out there, and you can find some great items on clearance at Kohl's!

You will need: Placemat, embellisment, needles, scissors, ribbon or cording, sewing machine!
I think you could do this by hand as well.

1. Sew up the sides of the placemat, I do a 4/8 in seam

2. Once your sides are sew you form the base by sewing folding the seam you just sewed into a triangle. Lay the bag flat with one corner on the top, open the bag matching the seam you just made with the bottom of the bag. Starting at the tip, run your ruler down to about where it measures 4 inches across, pin and sew across.

3. Sew across the 4 inch line you just formed, don't forget to back space.

4. This is what your bag will look like, do this for both bottom corners.

5. This is what your bag will look like standing up!
6. Next, cut your ribbon or cord for the handles, I cut mine 16 inches long....cut 2

7. Sew the handles onto the purse, approx. 4 inches from the side seam. I like to pin the handle so my seam will line up with the seam already on the placemat from the factory stitching

8. Purse is done, add your flower or other embellishment if you would like!
I would love to see your finished bags if you make one, there are so many different things you could do with these!



  1. Thanks for the follow! I'm following back via Friday Follow!

    This is a great tutorial and so, so cute! Such a clever idea. I think even I, sewing novice that I am, could handle that. It's adorable!

  2. So cool! I bookmarked this page so i can come back when I get my sewing machine out.

  3. SUPER COOL! Found you through Jenny Matlock's comments on her tinkle. ;) This is totally neat & SO totally something I could make. Ok, please don't think I'm (a total) valley girl =) LOL... this just got me really excited! I can NOT wait to get my machine out & try this. I have so many old placemats hanging around that are cute, but don't go w/ my home decor anymore!!! Ahhh... so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I actually think I can do that! Great tut! I am following you back! :)

  5. Following you back! Love the bag! I'm gonna have to try it!


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