Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Good Things About Winter

Here's my attempt to feel good about the season!

1. Cuddling up next to a warm fire
2. The snow is beautiful
3. The cool air is refreshing after the summer heat....cool? Let's go with frigid!
4. Change of season keeps life interesting
5. Can make a snowman
6. Skiing
7. Snowmobiling
8. Ice Skating
9. 5 long months for wearing sweaters
10. It ends!



  1. And a very good attempt it is!! I will agree wholeheartedly with #1 and #2:) and with #10!

  2. ....Yes, isn't winter FUN? Haha. Summer is just too short, if it evened out a bit then it wouldn't be so bad!

  3. I have been so grumpy about the cold recently. Thanks for reminding me that there are a few great things about winter!


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