Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Review: Sidetracked

Sidetracked, by Henning Mankell is a #1 National Bestseller and is now a Masterpiece Mystery Series on PBS!

My daughter gave me 3 of Makell's books and this is the first mystery I have read in a long time! The book begins on a disturbing note, but how many murder mysteries don't? This is a thrilling story, terribly awful, in a good way with a mixture of teenage prostitution rings/slavery, scalpings and axe murders, if you enjoy murder mysteries, you'll love this book!

Set in Sweden, this book takes on a different tone, I have no idea how to pronounce some of the characters names, but when reading a book based in Sweden it makes you realize that regardless our culture, we all face the same problems, thank goodness this is just a story of a greatly disturbed young boy and a stressed out cop, we don't have to lay in bed at night and fear that the story will play itself out in real life, just possibly our dreams!

Can't wait to begin the second book: Firewall!


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  1. My library has both these so I'm going to grab both thank you for the recommendation!


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