Friday, February 5, 2010

Rambling Thoughts of a Tired Mom

It's a Friday Mood

It's snowing crazy, kind of pretty, but I'm tired of least it's kind of warm. If you think the upper 20's is warm! It's all relative, isn't it? At least it’s pretty and a fresh coat of snow keeps things clean.

Sunday the in-laws are coming....should I clean? I cleaned, now I feel better! White lasagne, salad, some kind of jello thingee, and peanut butter pie are on the menu!

Every time my daughter takes a shower and washes her hair she breaks out in a rash, we've tried 4 different shampoo's nothing seems to help, aargh.

Just carried in a VERY heavy antique claw foot tub and put it in my new exciting is that? Now we just need to put the door on and get it varnished, then guests can use the bathroom instead of going upstairs into the teenage zone! Little things make me so happy!

Why is it that my son cannot sit and learn his algebra without talking in a weird voice and being strange? Whenever we sit down to learn algebra, this week it's fractions and percents, he takes on an alien form.

....and more on math.....ok, so my kids attend a virtual academy, yes, they're SUPPOSED to have teachers, but yet, here I sit, stressed out because I simply cannot help my daughter with her Geometry, and the online lesson simply does not explain. So...she understands the lesson, then gets to the test, what happens.....the test has questions never explained in the lesson. How can you call a virtual teacher...yes he's a real person, and say, "Hey, I'm taking the test, can you help?" Oh...and the test times out....aarrgh!

Can you tell I'm NOT a math person!!!


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  3. Hey there! Just dropping in to say thanks for visiting. I'm following you back. I agree with you on winter and that menu sounds so yummy!

  4. As a new mom of a three month old, I can totally relate to how tired you feel!!!!!!!


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