Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book Review: The Witness, by Josh McDowell

The Witness, by Josh McDowell is a fast-paced thriller!  I generally read at night and this is a book that kept me up at night wanting to read more.  Meet Marwan, a security expert...while working with multi-millionaire Rafeeq Ramsey  he becomes the hunted.  Did Marwan kill Rafeeq, and his daughter while holding the wife hostage?  What about dead bodies left across Europe and North Africa, did Marwan kill them as well?  The Skeleton, inspector Lemieux would like everyone to believe the worst.

While running for his life Marwan questions God and the reality of the Bible, as circumstances worsen he begins to question his lack of belief, then he meets Dalia, does he risk her life as well?  Does Marwan tell her the truth?  As the web of deceit and the struggle to survive intensifies so does Marwan's need to learn more and Dalia is just the person to help Marwin find the light.  Will it be too late, will Dalia's family be the next hit?

This was an excellent book, it kept me on edge, wondering what would happen next.  Sometimes the truth will set you free, and sometimes running from the truth will bring you to a new truth, the message in this book is as strong as the plot itself!

**Tyndale House Publishers provided me a complimentary copy of this book for review.  I was not compensated for my review and my thoughts are purely honest and my own.


Welcome Wednesday and Weird News

Happy Wednesday, what are you doing today?

1.  Taking my daughter to work at the library
2.  Grocery Shopping, UGH
3.  Submitting papers for 4H fair entries
4.  Church
5.  Weeding the garden, AGAIN...Does 1/2 done count?!

Thought I'd share some weird news:

Armed and Clumsy (All New!)
In this latest collection of men who accidentally shot themselves recently, private parts were the center of attention. University of Illinois campus police officer Bryan Mallin accidentally shot himself in the butt while shopping in Chicago (March), and Timothy Davis, 22, digging through a drawer in Fort Myers, Fla., last October, also accidentally shot himself in the butt. And four other men (a shopper at a Lowe's Home Improvement store in Lynnwood, Wash., a 17-year-old in Vallejo, Calif., 20-year-old Jeffrey Disney in Hamilton, Ohio, and 50-year-old David Blurton, in Dillon, Colo.) accidentally shot themselves in what for men is their most cherished spot. [Chicago Tribune, 3-24-10] [Fort Myers News-Press, 10-8-09] [Seattle Times, 5-30-10] [Contra Costa Times, 3-5-10] [Oxford (Ohio) Press, 5-5-10] [Summit Daily News, 5-8-10] 

Taken From: 

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tag Along

Tuesday Tag-Along

Welcome to Tuesday Tag Along, to join in the fun go to Twee Poppets and put yourself on the linky!  If you're here for a TTA visit, stay awhile, leave a comment and have a great day!

What are you doing today?  Me, I'm going to weed, doesn't that sound like fun?  I'm going to pick raspberries as well, now THAT will be fun unless the mosquito's carry me away.

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Book Review: Sixteen Brides, by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Imagine being a Civil War bride, alone and wondering what to do, wouldn't the thought of gaining a homestead in a booming economy sound interesting?  What a way to start a new life, at least this is what Mr. Hamilton Drake leads women to believe.  The other side of the story is well put in this ad: ATTRACTIVE WIDOWS...another cargo of war widows arrived in Plum Grove last Tuesday morning, sixteen in number, and filed upon claims adjacent to town.  This was decidedly the best lot of widows that has arrived thus far.  Not exactly what these 16 widows planned.

The twist of the story happens when these women learn the truth, will they revolt, leave for home on the next train, or will they band together, stake a claim and fulfill their dreams?  Stephanie Grace Whitson, writes a great Historical Romance, there are a few too many characters to keep up with in the beginning,, but as the plot moves along each of these women become quite easily recognized as you learn more about them, their past, their desires and it is simply amazing how these women come together in a place and time where things might not have happened quite as well as they did!

*I would like to thank Bethany House for sending me a copy of this book to review.  I was not compensated for my review, and my thoughts are entirely my own.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Skin Free Review and Giveaway!

I have very dry skin and when I use some products for dry skin they tend to make me break out, so I was very excited to try Skin Free Products!

I received the Protective Face Nectar which helps reduce wrinkles, acne, eczema and scaring, you use a few drops of the nectar each night and WOW, did this make my face smooth and moist!  When you use these products you do need to keep in mind that these are natural and non-perfumed so what you get is the natural scent of the ingredients.  I did take a night or two to become used to the scent of the nectar, it's a little sweet smelling, but I love it!

I also received the Light Moisturizer for Blemish Prone Skin, which I use each morning, this product is so light and has a very refreshing scent.  I love how the moisturizer is non-greasy yet leaves my face soft.

I also received Super Moisture Body Balm, which is for delicate, sensitive or very dry skin and is helpful for allergies, eczema, psoriasis and/or dermatitis.  WOW...this stuff works!  When I get out of the shower my legs always itch something terrible, when I put the body balm on my legs feel better and look soft instead of dry and scaly!  I can't wait to use this in the winter.

There is a line of products for babies as well as adults and Skin Free is good for you as well!

Skin Free is:
All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
No Perfumes
No Petroleum
No Chemicals
No Colorants
No Steriods
No Animal Testing
No Harmful Chemicals

*I received products in exchange for an honest product review, and was not compensated for my thoughts or feelings, this review is truly how I feel about the products.

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Book Review: Hearts Awakening, by Delia Parr

Hearts Awakening, by Delia Parr

Hearts Awakening

Meet Elvira Kilmer, a women quite down on her luck, in her 30's she is considered a spinster and has come to live with her cousin.  Ellie has been given a temporary housekeeping job on Dillon Island for a widow and his two sons, Ellie would love to secure a position at the home but does her cousin Mark have other plans for her?

Ellie arrives at her new position quite willing to work despite the 'new' cook stove that she simply cannot cook on, and two small boys who carry a lot of doubt about her she works hard and does her job well, until one day Mr. Smith, her employer suggests something that will forever change Ellie's life.  When Ellie agrees to the suggestion she becomes a part of a scandal and her life is turned upside down, will she follow through or run?

As Ellie's strength keeps her going her heart becomes awakened, and she yearns for something more, can she, a plain spinster dare hope for love?

This was a wonderful read, full of strength, honor, love and duty.  Ellie shows us that you can keep true to yourself and still receive what you desire.  This story is also witty, showing a side of Ellie that can only make you laugh and love her more.  I recommend this book, not only is it a story of romance, but one of hope and faith.

I would like to thank Bethany House for sending me a copy of this book for review.  My review is my thoughts and my thoughts alone and I have not been compensated in any way for my review.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Review: Somewhere to Belong

Somewhere To Belong, by Judith Miller is a Daughters of Amana book.  How much do you know about the Amana Colonies in Iowa?  I've always know of them, but not about them.  This is a very well written book about two young girls from entirely different ways of life.  Johanna has always lived in the Amana Colonies, used to the simple way of life she longs to visit her brother in Chicago.  Berta has lived in Chicago until her father unexpectedly moves the family to the Colonies.  Secrets and spunk abound as you learn more about these two girls, once Berta arrives the Main Amana colony may never be the same! Will the secret that Berta's family hold tear them apart forever?  Will the secret that Johanna's family hold tear Johanna from them?  Find out as you read this book about friendship, love and faith.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, historical fiction full of romance and spunk as well as a little bit of mystery thrown in to add a twist or two!  I will definitely read more of Judith's books in the future and she has left me with a desire to make a trip to Iowa to visit the Amana Colonies!

Image of Judith Miller*Bethany House publishers sent me a copy of this book for review, these thoughts are my thoughts alone and I was not compensated for my review.

Meet the Author.....Judith Miller


Judith is an award winning and best-selling author of historical fiction for Bethany House Publishers. With a love of history, a dash of romance and a touch of mystery, Judith transports her readers to another time and place. Her passion for history and love of God keep her inspired. Judith and her husband are empty-nesters who live in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Judy blogs with four other historical novelists at

New Friend Friday

New Friend Fridays

The Girl Creative and The Trendy Treehouse have joined forces! New Friend Friday's are now better than ever, come along and join in the fun!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great dishcloth pattern!

This is a great pattern, it's a Waffle Knit and I have knit up 3 of these in the past week, I guess you could say I'm addicted! This is an easy pattern to memorize and it is quick!

You can find the pattern at Home Spun Living !


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Tag - Along

Tuesday Tag-Along

Happy Tuesday! Come along for some Tag-Along fun...leave a comment if you're visiting, enter my contest to win a knitting book, and visit Twee Poppets if you'd like to join in the Tag-Along!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Pie!

Last week I picked 15 pounds of strawberries, so of course I had to save some from the freezer and make a strawberry pie...doesn't it look good?

Instead of just tempting you with the looks, I'll give you the recipe as well! Enjoy!

Strawberry Glace Pie
1 baked 9 inch pie crust

1 pkg cream cheese
6 cups of strawberries
1 cup sugar
3 T corn starch
1/2 c water

Mix the cream cheese until soft and spread on the bottom of your baked crust.
Mash enough strawberries to equal one cup.
Put the remaining berries over your cream cheese.
Place the cornstarch and sugar in a pan, slowly add the water and the mashed berries, stir constantly and bring to a boil, boil for 1 minute and pour over the berries in your crust!

Cool for about 3 hrs or until set, then enjoy!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Book Review: Scars and Stilettos, by Harmony Dust

Harmony Dust writes about her transformation from a broken, lost child to a strong woman helping others. Harmony is kicked out of her home at an early age, has a boyfriend that does nothing but use her for his own needs and ends up working as a dancer in a strip club while putting herself through college.  The life that Harmony led could certainly have driven her to the darkest places in the city, but yet, she was able to find a ray of hope that grew when she met a new friend and began attending church.

This is a brutally honest, and heart wrenching story that will bring you to tears, laughter and help you see that there is hope in all situations.  Harmony is now married, has children and has founded an organization which helps women realize their self-worth.  I enjoyed this book, it was an eye-opener to realize how terribly awful it is for some people, how some people are able to turn things around and come out ahead, maybe better than the rest of us.  If I were put in Harmony's shoes, I'm not so sure that my outcome would have been the same, we all have an inner strength, but how strong is it?  How deep is it, and how far will we go to realize it?

This is a great book of encouragement and one that everyone should read, a great story to share with your friends!

I would like to thank Litfuse Publicity book for providing me with a copy of this book for review.  I have not been compensated for my review and my thoughts are solely my own.

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Fun Follow Friday

Happy Friday! It's a beautiful sunny, breezy day and the tornadoes and hail missed us last night, so I'm a happy gal!  Today I am going to try Fun Follow Friday! I'm also off to find some garage sale deals with my daughter before we load up the horses for 4H horse camp!  Can I fit anything else into this day?

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Graduation Cakes...a disaster or not?

Last weekend I was busy baking cakes, everything was going perfectly fine UNTIL the edible image would NOT separate from the backing. Really, this thing was so stubborn, I tried everything, freezer, fridge, counter, nothing would work, I was stressed out. Thankfully, my friend isn't so terribly picky and we just slapped the entire thing, backing and all onto the cake! We removed the image right before cutting and everything turned out fine...and Sean loved his cake, his smile made my day!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tag Along

Tuesday Tag-Along

It's time for another Tuesday Tag Along! If you'd like to join in the fun head on over to Twee Poppets!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Virtual Blog Tour: Thumbing Through Thoreau A Book of Quotations by Henry David Thoreau

written by:  Kenny Luck
A fully illustrated collection of the quotes of a literary master.
 Kenny Luck put together a vast collection of Thoreau's quotes, and each quote is fully illustrated to depict its meaning by illustrators Jay Luke and Ren Adams.  Kenny Luck actually went through the journals and other writings of Thoreau to make this a great collection.  This is a wonderful book for those who love Thoreau and  would make a great gift, I can picture this sitting on a living room table, being thumbed through by guests or while sitting near a crackling fire.

This is the first time I have read an ebook and I felt that scrolling through the verses and pictures took a bit away from the beauty of the book, this is a book that needs to be touched!  I love the artsy feel to the lettering, no common font here, different sized words along with shades of black/gray only add to the poetic side of the book.  The artistic renditions don't quite mesh with the cover, I did expect more photographic type pictures so the black and white art surprised me a bit, but overall this is a very nice book and I think it would make a great gift! 

*I would like to thank Tribute books for offering me the chance to review this book.  This review is my thoughts, and my thoughts alone and I did not receive compensation for my review.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Review and Giveaway for those who love to knit!!! **CLOSED**

Timeless Knits for Kids 
by Chris de Longpre  
***WINNER.....Young In Texas***
Timeless Knits for Kids (Size 4-14)

Chris de Longpre writes a wonderful book about knitting.  This book has 12  timeless projects sized 4-14. These knit sweaters and vests are made in a way that are not only sturdy, but classic and comfortable as well!  Each pattern has a photo of one of Chris's grandchildren shown modeling the item, and each pattern has a little story to go along with it which makes this book even more fun.

Chris writes this book with a touch of humor and goes through the secrets of creating a successful fit.  Do you check your gauge?  Chris tells why this really must be done and the end of the book has a section for note, techniques and abbreviations as well as the yarns and notions used in the projects.

Chris has been writing and publishing patterns since 2003, you may have seen some of them in your local yarn stores.  Her patterns are known for their whimsy and their clear instructions and I have to agree!

I love this book, you can tell that Chris truly put her heart into it.  From the photos of her grandchildren, the beautiful sweaters they are modeling to the witty notes and easy to read style this is a winner!

You can see more of Chris's work at:!

Q.  How old where you when you learned to knit?  Who taught you?
My mother taught me to knit when I was about 10.  I remember a purple, ribbed, stocking cap and an apple green cardigan sweater.

Q.  What is your favorite item to knit?
My absolute favorite knitting (and designing) is stuffed toys.  Creating them takes me right back to my childhood and is more play than work!
Q.  Have you taught your children or grandchildren how to knit?
My older daughter is an avid knitter, and has even designed a few pieces for our pattern line.  She also sews and designs her own sewing patterns for stuffed toys.  My younger daughter is less drawn to handcrafts, but she does most of the modeling for the adult sweaters in my pattern line.  My oldest granddaughter is only 8, and I've taught her how to spool knit.  I'll be starting knitting with her Brownie troop next year.  I try to instill a love of fiber in all my grandchildren.  Last year at Summer Camp we made God's eyes.  They see me working with yarn all the time and I'm sure they will like to learn knitting when they are more ready to handle the needles.

Q.  What inspired you to write your book?
My grandchildren were the main inspiration for the book.  They "order" sweaters from Grandma, and they are growing so fast!  Because they love my sweaters, I thought other children would too, and that a large range of sizes would serve all of us well who knit for children.

Q.  How long did it take you to write your book and get it published? 
From conception to shipping, the project took two years.  Because I wanted my grandchildren to model and I wanted to do the photography myself, here in Michigan, we had problems with growth spurts and season changing that made for quite a juggling act.  While all that was going on, however, all the patterns were test knit and the text edited.  A book of patterns for toy or adults, I think, would take a bit less time.

Q.  What were your thoughts when you first saw your finished book?
Oh, my gosh.  It came from the printer on my wedding anniversary.  I"m not sure which aspect of the day brought the most pleasure, but it was a wonderful day.  And holding the book for the first time, looking at my wonderful grandkids, was a thrill that will be hard to top.

Q.  How long have you been designing your own patterns?
I've been writing and designing stuff all my life.  In knitting, only for about nine years.

Q.  Is there another knitting book in the works?
I have three books in the planning stages, but I'm not in an absolute rush to start another.  I do publish individual patterns for hand knitters, which I wholesale to yarn shops across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  That business keeps me busy designing and publishing all the time.  It's a bit of a trick to add book publishing into the mix, and I think I'll take things a little easy for about six month before starting the next one.

Q.  Where can readers go to learn more about you and your book?
My work is showcased on the web site for my pattern line.  Pictures of all the sweaters in the book can be seen at (Click on "View Details").

Q.  Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your book?
I hope that everyone who likes to knit for children will love this book.  I was thinking ahead when I included the larger sizes.  (I'll be knitting size 12s for my oldest granddaughter this summer.) Having two grandsons inspired me to include a lot of sweaters for boys.  I think older children and boys in particular, have been ignored by most pattern companies, and it is my hope that this book will fill a gap.

Chris has offered to do an autographed giveaway of her book Timeless Knits for Kids!

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