Thursday, June 17, 2010

Graduation Cakes...a disaster or not?

Last weekend I was busy baking cakes, everything was going perfectly fine UNTIL the edible image would NOT separate from the backing. Really, this thing was so stubborn, I tried everything, freezer, fridge, counter, nothing would work, I was stressed out. Thankfully, my friend isn't so terribly picky and we just slapped the entire thing, backing and all onto the cake! We removed the image right before cutting and everything turned out fine...and Sean loved his cake, his smile made my day!



  1. So the photo is edible (?) if you can get the backing off of it?! I've never seen anything like that. I'd say it was definitely NOT a disaster. It looks great to me, and if the graduate loved it, I'd call it a success!

  2. Hello Sharonjo, really can eat the photo! It's sugar crystals, and supposed to peel off of a backing, it's pretty neat when it works!


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