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Interview and book giveaway from the Chicago Dog Coach, Ami Moore

by Ami Moore
Debbie is the winner!!  Congratulations Debbie
The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog Wants You to Lead!

Ami sent me a copy of her book and agreed to an interview, I had the opportunity to talk to Ami on the phone as well, she is a wonderful, funny and kind person!  Thanks for letting me get to know you, and when are you coming to work with our 4H dogs Ami?!

Author Interview:

How long did you write before you were published? AMI: Well, it was a labor of love, let me tell you. It took about three years because I fell into the trap of adding new information as it caught my “fancy”. Not a good idea if you want your book published .

How long did it take to get published?

AMI: Three long years.

How did you feel when you saw the cover of your book?

AMI: I feel in love with it! I just love that my dogs, my soul mates are sharing the cover with me. I just love my big boys.

What was the most difficult part of writing this book?

AMI: Well, I have to say it was the end. There is such a bittersweet feeling to put the final manuscript in the mail. It feels just like sending your very first child to kindergarten. A real pull at the heartstrings

How many dogs do you have?

AMI: Right now, none. My dogs have all passed to the other side and are awaiting me at the rainbow bridge. I am looking for my next set of dog angels.

How long have you been training dogs, and what got you started?

AMI: I have been involved with dog training and education for decades. I started as a young child and I trained my Belgian Shepherd to be obedient off-leash. Then, I had a beautiful Rin-Tin-Tin German Shepherd that I trained to do 200 tricks!

What was the most difficult thing you've encountered while training dogs?

AMI: The owners. Always the owners. Dogs are easy.

What is the most 'out of this world' dog story you have?

AMI: You will not believe this story. A new mother called me because her pug was acting aggressive. Upon questioning, turns out she was nursing a new born baby and her Pug. The Pug was jealous because he had to share the mothers milk with the baby. Umm, she was breast feeding both at the same time-one on each side.

Where can readers learn more about you?
AMI: Please visit my website www.chicagodogcoach.comand drop me a line! I would love to hear from your readers.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your book?

AMI: I am very much an advocate for natural food such as organic meat, milk and poultry. Purebred dogs that are bred by experienced dog breeders help guard that food supply. Without purebred dogs you could not have large-scale organic meat and milk production.

I ask your readers to support organizations that support the American farmer and rancher and dog breeder, such as NICE And I will also caution them against supporting the radical animal rights organizations such as PETA and HSUS.

Now about the book:

I loved this book!  I am a dog lover myself and my daughter works with our Golden Retriever through the 4H obedience and agility programs.  Ami has so many great ideas, and I was simply astounded about the many things you can teach your dog, such as putting your groceries away?!  I fear that our Buddy would think it was a doggie buffet instead of a duty.  Or how about teaching your dog his body parts, colors, shapes, it's simply amazing.

I think that this book could be used not only for dog training but for horses, and children!  Yes, children, obviously we don't treat our kids like dogs, but Ami writes about respect, boundaries, playing happily alone, aren't these all values we'd love to see in our children?  Ami writes about how our mood or our tone affects our pets, same as with our children and our spouses!

Do you have a dog, or a puppy?  What is your reason for having a pet, is it because you are lonely, need someone to love?  Ami writes about the right and wrong reasons to have a pet and how to choose the right pet for yourself and your family.  This book will help you understand your dog, and have a better relationship.

Did you know that there is a National Hug Your Dog Day?  Ami just happens to be the founder!

I can't say enough good about Ami's book and I highly recommend it if you have a dog in your family, it doesn't matter if you've had a dog for years and consider yourself a pro, or if you're new to the world of dogs, this is a book that you will learn from.

NOW.....on to your chance to win a copy of Ami's book:  The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog Wants You to Lead! 

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