Wednesday, August 11, 2010 gotta love it!

So...this last weekend my WI family was here for my son's 14th birthday party.  My mom brought me two massive zucchini's...lucky me, for her to have such a bountiful harvest!

Ok, so I made a batch of zucchini bread, and a batch of zucchini cookies, that used up 1/4th of the zucchini, think I'll fry some up for dinner to have with our fish and rice.  Hmm, 3/4 to go.  I found a recipe for zucchini snack cake, and one for orange-cranberry zucchini bread, but really, how much can I make before my family is zucchini'd out?  Thank goodness for freezers!

Any zucchini tips and recipes would be much appreciated at this point!



  1. Ha! I have about 52 of those giant zucchinis in my garden right now. Talk about being zucchini'ed out!! Zucchini lasagna is another good choice to use up some big zucchinis. I also just did zucchini relish, and zucchini pancakes aren't bad too (kind of like potato pancakes). Good luck!

  2. Haha, there are many ways to hide a zucchini aren't there?! I tried slipping in into lasagna but it was a big NO from the kids! By the way, the orange-cranberry bread is delicious, give it a try!


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