Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Deeds

After yesterday, I need some peace!  What happened?  Well, here's the story:

First, my daughter and I went to the homeschooling store 3o minutes away and spent a bundle of $ on materials for her and her brother, then we drove another 15 minutes and went to Joann' that was fun!  I had a 70% coupon, PLUS the store manager gave me a 15% off entire purchase card when he found out we home school!  He is anxiously waiting for my daughter to turn 16...only 6 months to go, he has promised her a job!  Anyway, back to the coupon, I bought a dress form, woohoo....$249, down to $62 after my discounts, how exciting is that?

Next, off to American Eagle, two weeks ago we made a purchase, one of the items was a swimsuit bottom which never made it home with us.  Come to find out, there's been a problem with items getting charged but not actually ending up in the bags...hmmm?  Anyway, we went to get our $ back, that was good.

Then off to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription, that went off without a hitch UNTIL I got back into my car....a man and woman were flagging me down and said I had a flat, REALLY, it was 90+ degrees and the last thing I wanted to deal with.  Here's the best part, this man was so nice, he changed my tire for me....I was so happy, there really are nice people out kudos to the man who saved the day!!!!

Did anything wonderful happen to you this week?  Do you do good deeds when you're out and about.....let me know, it would be fun to hear about them!


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  1. Well yes, something wonderful did happen to me this weekend! My sister, who lives about 400 miles away, surprised us by coming to a family reunion we were having in the Black Hills. She made the long drive by herself to be there, and it meant so much to us! Tears were flowing for sure when she walked into the room!

    I'm blessed to live in a community where it's really the norm to help one another out. No one would dream of passing by someone in need. I know that's certainly not the case everywhere so I truly appreciate my little corner of the world!


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