Monday, August 16, 2010

Books Reviews Galore!

I have quite a few book reviews to post today, so I'm going to put them all in one big post! We have THE MAILBOX, CLAIM, THE HEALER and CHASING SUPERWOMAN!

The Mailbox: A Novel
The Mailbox, is a Novel, by Marybeth Whalen.  This book would make a wonderful beach read, it's not just a romance full of fluff, but a romance of hope, faith, and real life problems.  The mailbox is aptly named, since the book revolves around nothing else but a lonely mailbox on the beach!  As a teenager Lindsey Adams visits the beach with her aunt and uncle, while staying in their beach house she falls in love and begins writing letters to The Kindred Spirit.  No one knows who the Kindred Spirit is, but the mailbox has been taking in letters for generations!

As life goes on Lindsey finds herself married, divorced and back on the beach, will she fall in love again, or will old love be rekindled and what happens when she finds the old letters she had written to The Kindred Spirit in the least expected place?  Can she overcome more than one betrayal?

I enjoyed this book, it's actually one that I will read again and share with friends.

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And the next book......................

Claim: A Novel of Colorado 
Claim, by Lisa T. Bergren, this is the 3rd book in the Novel of Colorado series, this story focuses on Dominic St. Claire, and like the previous books it ties in with 'Nics sisters, Moira and Odessa.  I must say, I have been waiting several months to find out what happened to Dominic, after reading Moira's story, and I wasn't disappointed.

After losing his inheritance Dominic St. Claire finds himself in one adventure after another, sometimes life-threatening.  On his way to meet up with his sister Odessa, Nic finds himself waylaid at a gold mine.  After agreeing to work in the mine as a partner, Nic soon finds himself a sole partner and guardian of a young boy.  Not sure what to do with the boy, he finds himself in danger, and not only in danger but quite out of sorts with his beautiful neighbor.

Escaping death and finding himself the owner of a prosperous mine Nic leads you on an adventure that keeps you turning the pages quickly.  Don't be fooled, not only Nic has an adventure in this story.

This is a fun book, a very enjoyable read, and you definitely do NOT have to read the first two books to enjoy the 3rd....although, reading the first two books are quite enjoyable as well!

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Next on my list is Healer, by Linda Windsor
Healer: A Novel (The Brides of Alba Series)

Healer, by Linda Windsor is the first story of the Brides of Alba trilogy, it is evident in this story that Linda Windsor spent many many hours researching history before writing the story of a dying mother's prophecy.  Brenna, left an orphan, hunted, hiding, lives alone with her pet, a wolf.  Risking her safety Brenna rescues a fallen man, will this endanger her life, or her heart?

I generally love reading books set in the time period of this story, it begins in the Sixth Century A.D., but this book was a difficult read for me the story line was great but it was difficult for me to get through some of the unfamiliar words in the story, I felt that the unfamiliarity kept the story from flowing as well as I would have liked, I'm used to reading quickly which is probably why this was a more difficult book for me, my brain couldn't wrap around it quite so fast!

If you are interested in this book you can purchase it here:

And last but certainly not least is Chasing Superwoman, by Susan M. DiMickele

Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom's Adventures in Life and Faith
Chasing Superwoman is sure to leave you out of breath!  How can one woman do so much, have so much energy and keep her successful career separate from her life at home?  Sounds impossible, doesn't it?  At the top of her career Susan has young children, in line to a partnership at her law firm, will having a family risk her chance at becoming partner?  No, but when she becomes partner, Susan must learn to delegate and give as much of herself to her family as she does to her career.

How does a person do such a thing?  Meet Superwoman!  We have two different worlds and one woman who becomes two different people, Lady Lawyer and Devoted Mommy!  Susan has a way in this book of turning the mundane into funny...I never imagined enjoying a story about a lawyer quite so much, but from the first few pages of this book I found myself chuckling and unable to stop turning the pages until my eyes simply would not stay open any longer!

This book isn't just about a lawyer, and a mom, but about teaching you how everyone can have both, a career and a family, and not only have both, but to truly enjoy them.  This truly is "A working mom's adventure in life and faith".

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*I would like to thank The B & B Media Group for providing me with copies of all 4 of these books to review. These opinions are mine and mine alone and I was not compensated in any other way for my thoughts.

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