Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you heard of Lia Sophia jewelry? It's a party with a giveaway twist!

Think AHEAD.....what's right around the corner? CHRISTMAS, sad but true, and I'm offering you the chance to start your shopping early! 

A friend of mine recently showed me a catalog of Lia Sophia jewelry, wow, they have some pretty exciting pieces and a great program! How does 50% off sound to you?  How about a LIFETIME GUARANTEE?

Well, I offered to host on online party, so come along with me and party with Lia Sopia, my friend Melissa and I!!! 

THIS IS REALLY SWEET........say you buy 2 pieces, well then you get to choose 2 additional pieces at 1/2 off.  BUT....even better is that you take those 4 pieces and you can choose which 2 you want at the 1/2 off price!  So if two are $30 each and two are $60 each, well then, you can get the $60 pieces at the 1/2 off price!  Make sense?

...and here's the link: it will take you right to my hostess page!  It will ask for the hostess name:  Lauri Meinhardt

I'm going to sweeten the deal by offering a contest....for every piece you purchase leave a comment and I will randomly choose a winner who will receive a Lia Sophia gift......I'm working out the details on this one so stay tuned for an update!!!

What are you waiting for???  Go to the website using my the link provided and shop away, then enter to win!  Don't forget to use my name: Lauri Meinhardt as the hostess!

The shopping party and contest will end on Sunday, August get those orders in!

Rules for the game are simple:
1: You must order through the link provided so I receive credit
2: It would be really really sweet of you to follow my blog

+1 If you do the above and follow me on twitter
+1 Per day if you tweet about the contest and include a link to my blog
+1 Entry for every item you purchase...but please tell me in each comment what you purchased!

Have fun, shop away and if you have any questions please please just let me know!

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