Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Babies are FUN...CUTE...SWEET and best of all, they don't argue or talk back so we need to embrace them, start by having a GREAT baby shower! Have you been to one lately? What have you done? I have never heard of a great baby shower disaster, but I'll bet they're out there, don't let yours be the one!

Ten Tips for a successful shower:

1. Start with a plan, a list of ideas and a date, this will give you somewhere to start and brainstorm ideas.

2. Play the dirty diaper game, it's a great ice breaker and nothing is funnier than seeing a bunch of women sticking their noses in dirty diapers! What you do is melt a different candy bar into each diaper and the guests have to figure out what the 'poop' is! Make sure you give a great gift!

3. Invite people the expecting mom wants, not who YOU want...and have people RSVP..this way you can plan accordingly for the food and cake.  Make your invites exciting, go to Tiny Prints for unique invitations!

4. Plan more games than you will need, there is nothing worse than running out of fun! Have everyone guess momma's tummy size, or how many times a pre-cut string will wrap around mom and baby!

5. Put disposable cameras around the room, the mom to be will love the memories from the shower, and un-posed photos can be the most memorable.  Once the photos are developed go to Tiny Prints and make some great cards for the mom to be to use as thank you's!

6. Keep it simple, don't stress yourself and the mom to be out, that will happen soon enough.

7. If you're planning a menu, plan for enough food, check with the mom to be, see what she would like, not everything may sit well!

8. Find out if the mom to be is registered and/or what the baby theme will be so people can purchase appropriate gifts instead of items that will need to be returned.

9. Plan the shower around the likes of the mom to be, don't do cutesy if she's not into it!

10. Have FUN, and make sure someone writes the gifts into each card so the mom to be knows what she's thanking her guests for when it comes time to write thank you cards!

I have been to many showers, not all of them have been fun, some are pretty stuffy and who wants to sit around waiting to go home?! I think the best thing to do is just have fun, and go with the flow....also don't set the date too close to the due date!

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  1. I've never heard of the "dirty diaper game," but what a fun idea! Although I may never eat another candy bar again after playing it. (Which probably wouldn't be such a bad thing!!)


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