Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Horse Troubles and some Awesome new plants!

Chance...isn't he gorgeous?
We have been looking for a new horse since spring, now....with all of the horses around you wouldn't think this to be such a problem, but believe me, it isn't easy, and here's why:
-My daughter does English, we do not live in a state where English is overly popular.
-Daughter wants to jump with the horse, which means finding a tall, good horse
-Dad isn't into horses and doesn't want to break the pocketbook
WHOA....found a horse!
-17 HH, 4 inches=1 Hand, Saddlebred gorgeous, HUGE, sweet horse
-Put $ down
-2 days later owner called to say she wanted to keep him why is the horse no longer at her house if she wanted to keep him? grrr.
WHOA....found another horse
-16.2 HH, sweet, gentle HUGE Thoroughbred, ex. California race horse
-No messing around, brought him home right away
-Called trainer, hmmm horse has arthritis and possible lameness
-Returning Horse

So, in the middle of all of this I found some happiness, some gorgeous, monster sized Hibiscus plants, these came home with me, they're not sick, not lame, and they're staying!

HUGE....these are about 12 inches across!


  1. Gorgeous color on those hibiscus!

  2. That stinks that you had to give Chance back!! It sounded like he was such a nice horse! I hope you can find another one soon! The hibiscus are beautiful!

  3. Love the hibiscus blooms! We had the deep red ones and they didn't come back after a bad frost this winter. We also had nasty voles take over so maybe they were the culprits...

  4. My parents are selling an all around hunter/jumper pony, but we live in Washington State!

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