Friday, January 22, 2010

Papa Cat

Wiggles is not an orphan, her momma abandoned her, but we're the proud owners of her papa! He's a grand ole cat...he's almost 5 yrs. old, I'm not sure what that equals out to in cat years, let me know if you do! But, being a country cat he roams the neighborhood and comes home to pretend he's a house cat when he feels that we're worthy of his attention! I thought I'd share a photo of the proud papa with you! Cowboy(papa) tolerates Wiggles, I think he just pretends not to like Wiggles, but then he's a lazy guy compared to the little one so you really can't blame him too much for being annoyed from time to time!

Cowboy.....12 pounds?

No....Wiggles isn't possessed, just yawning!
Wiggles....2 lbs!

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