Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Review:

For those of you who knit, Debbie Bliss has a book out called:
design it, knit it: secrets from the designer's studio, and thanks to
sixth&spring books I was given the opportunity to review the book.

I love Debbie Bliss's yarn collection as well as her patterns so I was very excited to receive this book! This is a hardcover, spiral bound the spiral! The patterns and photos are beautiful as always, and I know I will attempt a few of the patterns. The book has 15 original designer patterns, a design workbook and a Bonus Stitch Gauge!

The book does fall a bit short on the learning to design aspect. At the beginning of each chapter Debbie does talk about different design elements such as color, texture, body shaping, etc. But after reading the book I would not be able to go ahead and design my own garment with any success. The last chapter of the book consists of different clothing sketches, which I assume you would work with to design the look of whatever you wish to knit, and some charts. I like the charts and will use them for desigining dishcloths, but I am still far away from being able to design any wearable item other than a scarf!
The chapter containing baby clothing is simply adorable and I'm sure I will use a pattern or two so I have something on hand for a baby gift!

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