Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Review

The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks

My daugther gave me this book so I thought I'd review it!

Nicholas Sparks does not disappoint in the Lucky One, Logan Thibault is home from the war, as a Marine he endured battles, survival and loss, and through it all he had a lucky charm. After the death of someone special Logan walks across the United States from Colorado to the Eastern states looking for his lucky charm, Elizabeth. With only a photo and a name he wonders if he will ever find her, along the way he meets up with a bit of trouble, trouble that will follow him on his journey.

This is a story about love, strength and honor. Scars run deep and healing takes time, but this is not just a book about love, suspense and adventure keep the story interesting and weave a web that has you clinging to every word as you live right along side Logan and Elizabeth and their journey towards healing and love. I will definately read more Nicholas Sparks books!


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