Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Wiggles

The sweet little kitten we found in our driveway in October has gotten so big, well, she's still pretty tiny weighing in at 2lb 8 oz! Last week she was pretty sick, she had a hard time breathing, was sneezing all over and had goopy eyes. After a lot of love and care she got better and even more spoiled. It's fun to see her full of energy again, she was named 'Wiggles' for a reason! I just had to take some pictures of her playing in my yarn last night!



  1. OH...Lauri
    I want Wiggles... I love cats. I have 2 that are really getting up there in age. They are both almsot 17yrs old.
    You and your family have fun with wiggles!!!

  2. She really is a very cute and sweet kitten, she follows us around the house, and sleeps with our Golden Retriever at night!


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