Monday, December 27, 2010

$5 for Amazon Video...just a Tweet away!

I have a deal for you today! Go HERE for $5 to Amazon Video on Demand!  All you need is an Amazon and Twitter account!

I'm still digging out from my Christmas mess, my guests left and I crashed!  Now I need to clean, I spent over an hour in the Cabela's return lane today, aaarrgh...that seriously tried my patience.  There was a very pregnant mom in front of me holding her 17 month daughter, now SHE had patience, and her little girl was so good, better than some of the adults in line!

Have you found any good deals?  Ann Taylor loft has everything 50% off as well as most every other store in the mall!  Did Christmas treat you well?  How about New Year's, how many of you party the night away and how many of you sleep through it all?!!


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