Friday, April 16, 2010

Week in Review

I have not done anything spectacular this week, nothing crafty, nothing too exciting. I did finish my alligator costumes for our 4H play tonight, I am now working on cutting the chorus on the song we're doing. I did knit some mouse noses, the kids liked that's good! I took my kids to their State Testing where I had to sit around for 6 hours on two different days. I did enter my yellow apron in the quilt store contest..wish me luck! The vet came out and looked at the horse's eye, which should have had stitches but we didn't catch the injury soon enough, it's healing up pretty good though. All the animals got their vaccinations...they're all sleepy now, and that's a wrap-up on my week.

Hoping next week is a bit more spectacular! If I get some good photos of the play tonight I'll post them so you can see the great costumes everyone made!


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