Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sound Snatcher, book review

Author, Linda Sabin sent me her new book, The Sound Snatcher, to read and review...thanks Linda!

The Sound Snatcher is a very cute, well illustrated children's book that I can only compare to a Dr. Seuss book with the rhyming verses and catchy words! A noisy, hungry vacuum snatches sounds and makes children laugh at it's antics. Some children are quite afraid of the loud sounds a vacuum makes, this story will make them find fun instead of fear in vacuuming! I can even see children WANT to vacuum, so they can snatch household sounds themselves! If only this book could be read to cats!

This is a green book, written on recycled paper with soy ink which makes it even better!

You can visit Linda Sabin and learn more her at her website!


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