Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you have Hattitude?

I received the book Hattitude by Cathy Carron from Tara at SoHo Publishing/Sixth and Spring for review!

Hats can be boring, or hats can be fun....which would you prefer to wear? In Hattitude there is a hat for every mood! There are so many different hats in this book that I'm not sure which hat to knit first. Each pattern is easy to read and understand, nothing too complicated and each pattern has a colorful picture showing the finished product. Haughty, mysterious, giving, brooding, earnest, which hat type are you?

Don't stop with a hat for yourself, in this collection there are plenty of hats to go around, hats for mom's, sisters, friends, you can even use a little imagination and knit a man hat, some of these are pretty girly, but my brother found a few that we decided could be turned manly!

The back of the book teaches you how to measure for correct hat sizing and how to design a hat that fits which is great since no one wants to spend all that time knitting a hat only to find it won't fit onto your head. There is also a list of stitch abbreviations which is helpful if you're like me and always you know the anatomy of a hat? How to make a pompom? Love this book!



  1. I love making hats! I have "tams" in so many colors! They are portable and quick to make! Almost perfect projects! I'm gonna have to check out this book! Thanks!

  2. I like hats. I wore a hat instead of a veil for my wedding. I wear hats when it is cold outside.

  3. Debbie, do you have a photo? I bet it was a great hat! BTW...I use L'Bri!

  4. Oh, i personally love hats. They look pretty. I have done a few myself and it can be addictive believe. I started with one and ended up making 10 as Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing. I am our new follower as well. Come by and visit any time you like.

  5. OOOh I got this book for review a while back. It's amazing!!!

  6. Hi! Thanks for checking me out! I'm over from UBP and love your blog! I would love to knit, but everyone seems to run away from teaching a left-hander!! I'm now following you!

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  7. Wow I review books also , how could I get one?
    thanks for dropping by my blog BTW, I am also following your blog now, thanks for the follow,
    See you around .


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