Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knit Baby Beanies

I have been waiting to post photos of my knit beanies until my niece could model them, but she wasn't in much of a modeling mood! Her sister helped....the pink hat is a bit small for a 1 yr old but the blue one fit her perfectly.....I knit it out of Sensations elastic yarn, so it stretched enough to fit big sister who is going to be 8! Could be a bit bigger on big sister! I'm going to knit them matching headbands with big flowers..can't wait to see them on the girls!



  1. Mabuhay! Love your knit baby beanies!
    Following you from MBC!
    Hope you visit and follow my sites too!

  2. These are soo cute!! I would love to have the talent to make these for my girls:-) Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and entering the contest! I look forward to reading more here soon!

  3. These are just adorable and I love the big flowers on the hats. :)


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