Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spirit Ball.......

Last Saturday I went to a greatly anticipated event. The Art Fair in Tubac, AZ. My daughter, sister-in-law and I spent the day together and had a day filled with fun, laughter, sun.....and some good old silliness! We spent the morning not buying too much, just a great book by a local artist, called 60 Miles of Border, but I'll tell you about that once I've finished reading it! Our fun find of the day were some Spirit Balls....have you heard of them? We were drawn to the booth by the sparkling balls....

The story behind the 'Ball"

The Spirit Ball dates back to 18th Century England, where hollow glass spheres were hung in windows to ward off evil spirits.  The glass strands inside each ball would capture the evil and keep it from entering a home.  To create a Scent Ball, you add drops of essential oil into the top pocket and hang it in a sunny window!

You can see the thin strands of glass

There were so many balls of different sizes and colors, it was hard to choose!  There were Christmas Tree Balls (bulbs) all the way up to some very large balls....maybe a bit smaller than a basketball...there were also hummingbird feeders, soap/lotion dispensers and more!   I love how the sunlight creates colors on my wall....just makes me happy!

I haven't tried any oils yet, not sure which scent I'd like to try!

The creator of this beautiful ball lives in NM, and has a website at

Can you picture these hanging outside in a tree?  I guess the very large ones are actually quite 'hardy' they can fall off the tree into the grass and not break, apparently the strands break, but not the ball....might not hold up in a severe wind storm...but..... that was my exciting find at the Tubac Art Fair!  Doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy, and now I'm keeping the evil spirits away as well....(we'll see about that part) !!!


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