Monday, April 4, 2011

Sockupied Emag Review

When I was asked to review the Sockupied Emag, I jumped at the chance! I have never read an Emag before and it was quite the experience! You can purchase Sockupied through the Interweave site HERE 

Once you've purchased the Emag you get a download link, it did take about 2 hours to download which surprised me, but no big deal since I could still use my computer during the download...the only problem here was being patient.....I wanted to read it NOW!

About the Emag:  It was/it awesome, I now have the mag icon on my screen so I can access it at any time.  The Emag itself is amazing.  Have you watched the Harry Potter movies?  If so, you've seen the newspaper that has talking/moving people in it, well, that 's the best way to describe the Sockupied Emag!  As you go through the pages there are several tabs which you can click on and watch videos, which is pretty neat.  The magazine is also full of great content, I have knit a few socks....never an actual pair since I'm never that happy with my results...Sockupied has a lot of helpful info. which includes 5 patterns and directions to knit a toe-up or toe-down sock.  A little fun is at the end of the Emag, where you can design your own argyle sock by clicking on different colors until you have the sock you like!

Now, if you're like me and never tried an Emag before, you won't be disappointed.  I wasn't sure if I'd like the fact that I couldn't hold it in my hands, but it was great and I think I'll be more inclined to open up the mag while sitting at the computer for a quick browse through than I would be if it were sitting in a pile somewhere in my house.

Interweave offers several different Emags, so go on over and check them out HERE!

**Special thanks to Jaime over at Interweave for the review copy of Sockupied, I was not compensated in any other way for my opinion.


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