Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coca-Cola Memories

What is your SODA drink of choice? Mine…..Coca-Cola all the way! I actually love the Coca-Cola Zero, has great taste, none of that diet taste to it at all!

When you do you drink soda? I used to work with a girl who kept a case of Diet Coke under her desk. She drank it warm throughout the work day! Generally, I save the soda for a bad migraine or for pizza night. Sometimes with a burger, there just seem to be certain meals that cry “SODA”, don’t you think?

My mother-in-law is a Coca-Cola fiend, I’m not fooling with you, so years ago when I went to Las Vegas I visited the Coca-Cola store and bought her a tourist case of soda and a cookbook…..have you ever seen how many recipes you can put soda in, have you tried it?

If you’re not sure of the results and how they’ll go over, make cherry jello, replace the cold water with soda, add some cherries and a dollop of whipped cream….quite delightful!

Thinking of soda, remember the great cases you could buy back in the day, a cold tall Coca-Cola straight out of the fridge….so much better than how it is now, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles, just not the same!

I remember once, after grocery shopping we returned home and my cousins were at our house. My older cousin offered to carry in the soda, now I can’t remember how it happened but he fell and of course the soda bottles broke all over and he cut himself….I not sure what I felt worse about, losing all of the soda we just spent our money on, or the fact he was hurt! Doesn’t sound very nice, but, hey, I was a kid…I knew my priorities, great Classic Coca-cola from a glass bottle, or a cousin that picked on me!

Remember when they’d have the Pepsi or Coca-Cola challenges? They’d set up a table at the local stores and give you a drink of each and then you’d have to tell them which one was which…I haven’t seen any challenges lately, have you? I wonder if they still do them, if I remember correctly, they always gave out coupons…gotta love a good coupon!

We also used to play games, drink our cola and have popcorn and or ice cream on special evenings….most fun was when we played Aggravation! I’m certain if I thought a little longer I could come up with more fun memories, but I’d love to hear some of yours!

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  1. Oh yes, I'm coke all the way. And I drink one cup of it a day at lunch - 8 oz. That's all I allow myself but without it, I get a nice caffeine headache by 4 PM. I have had both mountain dew cake and coke cake and they are really good!

  2. Hello Cathy! I just can't do Mountain Dew....I hear you on the headache, it's a difficult habit to break!



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