Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Review: How To Be God's Little Princess

How to Be God's Little Princess: Royal Tips on Manners and Etiquette for Girls

This is the sweetest little book for girls.  "When it comes to princesses, and (of course) everything pink, there's always fun ahead!  How to Be God's Little Princess is a delightful how-to guide to help girls polish their royal flair in manners and etiquette and to discover their true beauty."

This book includes quizzes, how to wear a tiara and which tiara is best for the shape of your face, do you have royal table manners?  With this book you are sure to learn!  With the royal wedding coming up this weekend little girls around the world will have princesses on their minds and this is the perfect book for them!  I loved the short, fun-filled chapters which are sure to keep the little girl in your life quite amused.  The quizzes in the book would be great party material as well as the fun little recipes.

As with all Thomas Nelson books How To Be God's Little Princess is Christian based with a small bible verse at the beginning of each chapter.  I think this book is a gem and best for lower grade school children.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review from Book Sneeze

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