Monday, February 28, 2011


You know those days when you’d like to run away from being a mom? The kids are on your nerves and it seems as if no one needs you anyway? Be honest, we all have them! Well, imagine if you were abducted by Martians, would anyone miss you, would anyone care? How many days of celebrating would your kids go through before they really miss you? Now, I imagine this really depends on how old your children are, my kids are 16 and almost 15, they could probably go for days and days without me! So, this got me thinking about what my kids would miss most about me, here are my top ten…feel free to comment with your top ten, this could be fun!

1. Cooking fine meals
2. They’d start to miss me when they ran out of clean dishes
3. When they run out of home made cookies..realisticly this could only take a day
4. Taking them to their 4H events, no D.L yet for the 16 yr old!
5. My excellent grocery shopping skills
6. The songs I make up about them on a daily basis, they really love these!!!
7. Telling them to do their school work
8. Laundry…they don’t like to do laundry
9. Refereeing their arguments and swooping in to save the day
10. Just plain old everything about ME

I was ready to hit the top 10 with ease, but once I started it really was difficult, it makes you think….what is it about you that those you love can’t do without, I would hope all of me, except for when my temper gets the best of me! We would all hope that our children couldn’t live without us, as a mom with teens I have come to the other side of this dream, realizing that there are some days they can’t wait to leave the ‘nest’. Yes, this is sad, but a fact of life and the process is slow and painful. I remind myself that God has this all planned out, it’s why they argue and why we don’t always get along with our horny headed, fanged teenagers, it makes us happy at times that they’ll flee from the nest soon!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and hate to see the day they leave home, there just happen to be some days… know what I mean!

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