Monday, February 7, 2011

SniqueAway, a great site for discount hotels!

Have you heard of BZZAgent? From time to time I am offered some great campaigns through them, and I'm about to share a great new site with you! SniqueAway. What on earth is SniqueAway? Well, it's an amazing site that you can sign up for and receive sales and deals up to 50% at top rated resorts and hotels!

What is SniqueAway?

SniqueAway is your accomplice for stunning escapes.
A brand-new private sale travel experience, we offer our members top brands and A-List accommodations at surprisingly affordable prices. There is no cost to join SniqueAway, but an invitation is required. By limiting membership, we're able to bring you exclusive rates on the world's top hotels. Our limited-time-only sales showcase the sleek, chic, and always unique. Oh, and check out our pedigree: We're part of Smarter Travel Media-a TripAdvisor Media Group company. With the help of our friends at TripAdvisor, we bring you the completely unbiased hotel recommendations and reviews from millions of worldwide travelers.

If you'd like to check it out or sign up to receive great hotel deals just click this link:  SniqueAway



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  4. Hola! Espero que entiendan español... Parece ser un gran website, super util. En este momento estoy buscando hoteles en buzios, ojala encuentre algun descuento. Bye!


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