Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitten Goes Wild

Yesterday Wiggles went wild, she ran around the yard like crazy, ran up and down trees, sat under the bird feeders thinking she'd get a warm meal and then she jumped on the roof. Cats simply do NOT belong on roofs and it's too bad that they don't figure that out until they get up there! We have a very steep, high roof and once she was up there she was terrified. Not only was she afraid, but every time she tried to come down she'd slip so she'd climb back up to the top! After quite a bit of coaxing and a LOT of treats she was rescued! Now, you would think all of this would tire her out, but NO, at bedtime she started running around like a maniac again and then grabbed my daughter's head stuck her claws just above each of her ears and started biting her face. Bad, naughty kitten...but she's sooo cute!


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  1. Friday Follow - thanks for coming to my blog!

    We call that running around like crazy the "witching hour." Seems like it's the same time every night for our dogs. One runs back and forth between the bedrooms. The other one, like clockwork at 10:30 pm, starts barking. LOL


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