Thursday, March 11, 2010

The day the flies returned

Little miss wiggles became obsessed with a semi-comatose fly on Sunday, suddenly she was leaping and jumping, looking like she was attacking my windows, I thought she had lost her mind until I saw the fly. Yes, the fly...spring must be here. I'm quite sure that the fly would have stayed asleep a bit longer if he knew what was waiting for him! I think this kitten gets more energy every day.


  1. Oh no!! I am not ready for flies!!!

  2. Me either...there's one less in the world now! We've had our horse for 3 years now, and wow does she attract the flies. YUCK.

  3. Ah yes, flies are back. So gross but they do signal Spring so that is nice. But yuck!
    Following you back! Thanks for finding me!

  4. I following from MBC

    You can find me here~


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